Jacinto Muñoz


Blue shrubland muñoz jacinto


    Biography  and  stamtent
    Jacinto Muñoz was born in the city of Rio Cuarto in the province of Córdoba Argentina, has studied visual arts at the Libero Pierini School of Fine Arts, and Arts and Cultural Management at the Provincial University of Córdoba. He is Assistant of Vilma Villaverde since 2006. He has participated in different international and national events: He makes drawings, sculptures and ceramics. He is currently a ceramics professor at the National University of Río Cuarto in the Department of Art, Extension Secretary.
    Member of the International Academy of Ceramics , IAC.

    Realization of sculptural projects in open spaces:
    - Ceramic Mural, National Museum of Ceramics of Yingge, Taiwan, 2017.
    - "Rabbit", Museo Palacio Ferreyra, Córdoba.2017-2018
    -Sculpture "Night bird" located in the Provincial Museum of Alpa Corral. 2015
    -Realization Sculpture "Growing Beings" located at the National University of Río Cuarto. 2014.
     - Monumental Sculpture made through a contest for the agency Córdoba Cultura. 2012

    Solo exhibition:
    "Volume 1: Calandria", Municipal Cultural Space. Argentina. 2017
    "Night Cruise", the House of Culture, Río Cuarto.Argentina 2015
    "Dialogues with landscape Association of Plastic Artists of Río Cuarto, Argentina.2014.
    "While we slept" the Riberarte Art Gallery, Argentina, 2012.
    Jacinto Muñoz Esculturas, in Escarlata Art Space, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009.
    Cycle of visual arts: sculptures by Jacinto Muñoz, in the Library of the National University of Río Cuarto. 2007


    Unlimited Potential- Ceramic Figurines, Sunlight Gallery, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan. March 2019.
    Artistic residence, National Museum of Yingge Taiwan. 2017
    Residence project for artists, Coworking Ramos Generales, Río Cuarto. 2015
    VII International Symposium of Sculpture 2011, Unquillo, 2011.
    Puerto Príncipe Artistic Ceramic Symposium 2010, Camagüey, Cuba, 2010.
    4th International Ceramic Tile Triennial, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic 2010.
    9th Aveiro International Artistic Ceramic Biennial. Portugal, 2009
    Symposium "Macsabal Woodfire Festival", Zibo, China, 2008.


    Artist’s Statement :
    The proposal in the work of ceramics has to do with a constant exploration between drawing and form. Using ceramic sculptural techniques.
      The image of my works refers to the processes on the metamorphosis of characters, animals and flora native to my region of residence. In these inventions I try to generate a playful visual experience and a reflection on the relationship that people establish with nature.
    The combination of techniques and the look on people in relation to nature are part of my daily work, in which I register and take it to ceramics.